Monday, June 27, 2016

Ramadhan 22nd 2016

Hello there..

We have come to last 10 nights of Ramadhan 2016.
So far the body system is good. Just wondering what is the current weight hmmmm..

Next week Muslim around the globe will celebrate Aidilfitr ...Means Ramadhan 2016 will comes to end huhuhuhu so sad...hopefully we able to meet Ramadhan again in coming years..InsyaAllah.

On the sporty side of me, i wish can break 5m wall before Ramadhan ends...not going to be easy task for me easy 60sp session.. ;)

Oh my beloved brother post some throwback picture of me in was like 8 years back wow...Somehow I wish that little skinny boy will make come back i near future..

Hey you little skinny boy, come back here I'll wait for ya!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan is coming

Ahlan Wasahlan ya Ramadhan.
First day in fasting month. Hopefully super detox process will be workin well. Monter appetite please go away.

Yesterday was a recovery. Going to start digging again today.
Oh note to my self, please please please do some homework.
Tomorrow new(old) chapter begins. Well for chapter 1 is function, limits & continuity.
Sounds familiar?
After transformation from an (fat) Engineer to (fat) Academician, this semester transform again into a (fat) Mathematician. Oh boy!

Wish me luck then. Happy fasting everyone.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Oversleep & Over eat

This is first world problem to everybody im the world. An that what is happening to me this freaking few weeks. I'm really hope that next week going to be super detox & cut off my monster appetite.

Yesterday managed to slot in 60/15 session. Hopefully today I can repeat the same routine for a week. The long session going to be cut down but short session is a must everyday starting next week.

Work hard, work hard, work hard thats the key. Oh welcome to new intake for Jun - Oct session & welcome back to campus for existing students. Hmmm gotta be ready with new semester, new student, new challenge for second quarter of the year 2016.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Upgraded AG

"Triatheletes are not getting old, they just upgraded to new age group"
Looks like it suits me on 2nd of June 2016 hehehe.
But the triatheletes in me is fading away a bit, looking forward to bring back the one sport is not enough for me as soon as possible. But where is my swimming goggle though??

Well yesterday a few suprises came into actions. Thank you so much to who is involved especially my dearest Farhana Haznie and not to forget my sporting level 6 crews. I'm officially 1 year older huhuhuhu.

Of course my unhealthy part of me is so happy..Two suprised cakes, creamy mussels, chicken & lamb chop happily comes into my system.
However, the healthy part of me only managed to slot in 45 easy session.

This morning accidently overslept. Guess that the unhealthy part of me win for the first round today. Luckily I already heard my heathy part is calling..So chill out & happy weekend..


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

1st day of June 2016 & Mathematics

Mathematics & Calculus or what ever you call calculation subjects, well today is the so call recap or revision day for the chosen academician to teach this subject next semester. All I can say it's a fruitful day for me because the slow, messy and retard brain cell is finally get back to work..

On the other hand, the not so healthy life of me managed to had bowl of noodle for breakfast and a plate of chicken rice for lunch. Happy tummy and happy me :)

And for the healthy part of me, managed to slot in 45-15 for the day.
What the heck is that? Well for me to know, for you guys to find out (if only you care)

The time is running, my eyes are heavy and about to hit the bed.
So Good Night yalls!

Oh attached herewith some of the beautiful moments we had few days back..Cekidaut!