Monday, July 5, 2010




...happy... turning back...

...keep moving forward... moment...

***Congratulations to all SCKL Marathon 2010 finisher***
***bare in mind***
"Pain is temporary and quitting last forever"
"It is not about winning, it's about constantly improving"
***keep on running***

;) tBc

***special credit to Kash, Rais, Abg Mat Nor @ km 36 and 37***

Thursday, June 24, 2010


date : 27 June 2010
venue : Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
discipline : Running
distance : 42.195 km
participant : mr sifu, mr abe ait, mr abe cha, dush
and jerry
preparation : 5/10
5 for :
1.botak head...yea yeahhhh...
2.supplement cukup...yahooo
3.of course farhana haznie ade...:)
4.vaseline kasi lebey...kasi lebeyyyy skit...lebey la
5.long run ada buat...hehehe

another 5
1.aduyai presentation preparation x siap lagi....adehhh
2.lutut kiri tetiba lak sakit....haishhh jgn la sakit
3.tapak kaki pon sakit bile nk pijak...hishh lah...hentam jek
5.cukup ke milleage ni???arghhh

...pak mail suke berkebun...
...anak pak mail kaki bohsia... abu san berlari kat Jepun...
...kami semua berlari di Malaysia...

; tBc

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

さようなら mr abusan



Sunday, May 16, 2010

putrajaya eco 'buyers' challenge!

Dear all, just want to share...we just experienced buyers race organized by KBS in Putrajaya...The race was initially known as "Putrajaya Eco Challenge" until later in the day we figured that the race was "Putrajaya buyers Kayak & Sukaneka Challenge"...The race was divided into 2 discipline which the 1st discipline involves '7'km running, 15km mtb, '10' km kayaking...The 2nd discipline involves 8 activities which involves pulling 3 tonnes lorry, log lifting, assemble and reassemble scaffolding, archery, paintball n etc...There were familliar faces such as navy team in the open category participating in this event.

1st discipline - Our team managed to lead in running and cycling. The closest team that trailing us was only a team that we called 'teenager team'. Then followed by navy team and the rest. During kayak, there was only 1 team that use thier own paddle (former kayaker). This team was organizer team which known as KBS Putrajaya.

In this kayak event, the participant need to complete 3 loops. Our team lead in the 1st and 2nd loops. The 'teenager team' was trailing us from start until last loop. However, last 200m our team spotted other team which near to us. We actually recognized the 'teenager team' as they wearing a blue hat but the team that trailling us last 200 m was not wearing a hat. When we about to entered the platform, that team (not wearing blue hat) also followed us. That team quickly pushed thier kayak to the finishing area and trailed by our team at less than 10m. This was the '1st buyers' of the day. There was 2 marshall that located at the platform. Initially, both of them agreed that the team in front of us is not enough loop as they only tick 2 loops for them. The marshall witnessed that the second team that trailling us was the 'teenager team'. However that team in first position was did not disqualified. The 'teenager team' that arrived later also confused that why they was in third position as they confident that they should be in 2nd position. The 'first' team that in front of us is KBS Putrajaya, and now we know why the team is not being disqualified.

At the end of the 1st disipline the score was like this:

Our team - 40 marks for 1st placed in running
40 marks for 1st placed in cycling
36 marks for 2nd placed in kayak
total 116 marks

We supposed to be in the first position as the closest team was 'teenager team' that able to collect 104 marks. The organizer team which arrived first in kayak was only 70+ mark as they didnt get any marks in running (lembap!). I managed to peep the result on the organizer desk before the second discipline begin.

To cut it short, our team announced as 5th team in final result and the 1st team was KBS Putrajaya. Well the protest begin. We asked the organizer how they calculated the points. The organizer gave the calculation sheet and unbelievable that they didn't include the marks that we gained from running and cycling. The organizer said that they just pick which team that arrived at the finishing area of kayak. WTF?? Their team should be disqualified earlier but somehow the organizer team managed to get 1st position in the 1st discipline! No point la brader lari n kayuh tu! We were confident with our 2nd discipline result as we compared with navy team and there was not much differences. Somehow the navy team managed to get in 2nd and 3rd position. I was there asking the organizer to show me the earlier result that I peeped but they was like shocked and pura-pura dok cari kertas tu plak!haishhhh....I don't blame that pakcik who helping in calculating the marks but I was really piss off with the people behind this shit! Suddenly datang pulak sekor mamat ala-ala mat rempit sound aku...This is how this 'gentleman' said to me:

"Bro korang terima je lah ape yang organizer cakap, lagipon kalau team ko tinggalkan team aku sejam pon, team aku still bole kejar la, diorg tu kayak Malaysia!"..... fuhhhhh......imagine that! But I was wondering 1 thing, why this guy leave after he said that??Lu takut ke bro? sound2 pastu blah...chicken! That guy was in KBS putrajaya team a.k.a organizer wonder lah!...hahahah..tapi mamat kayak malaysia tu xkecoh pon, yang mamat seko ni je plak yang bising2 padahal die x kayak pon!...sengal....finaly, lesson that we lerned from this race:

1. You can win a race by organizing it
2. you can win easily by having your friends as marshall.
3. you can win really easy by mention "korang terima jela ape yg organizer cakap" at the end of the race!

p/s : To abang KBS Putrajaya, ko ingat team mate aku tu budak sekolah ke ape? cakap pikir dulu bro! kalau bran jom la kite try 3 loop, lu bagi team gua jalan sejam dulu pastu team lu kejar...kalau bran la...kalau x bran x yah cakap okay!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


date : 18 Mac 2010
venue : Pulau Kapas-Pantai Kelulut, Malaysia
discipline : Swimming
distance : 6.5km(if ya go straight!)
participant : mr sifu, mr abe ait, dush
and rest of ombak!
preparation : 5/10
5 for :
1.botak head...yea yeahhhh...erkkk pakai swimming cap kot
2.speedo endurance baru...(RM20 jek)
3.ramai geng and of course farhana haznie ade...:)
4.vaseline kasi lebey...kasi lebeyyyy skit
5.senjata rahsia maybe akan dpertimbangkan...hehehe

another 5
1.aduyai proposal x siap lagi....adehhh
2.lutut kiri tetiba lak sakit....
3.ade sekor ulser dlm mulut...damn! swim banyak diskaun...hampeh
5.cukup ke milleage ni???arghhh

...orang perempuan bangun pagi...
...orang lelaki sayang bini...

...haishhh swimathon kembali lagi...

...harap-harap janganlah karam kali ni...

***all the best to swimathon partipants***
***have a safe and enjoyable trip***

***swim steadily and enjoy the salt water***
:) tBc

Thursday, March 25, 2010

kenyiT - Tri 2010

date : 28 Mac 2010
venue : Tasik Kenyir, Malaysia
discipline : OD Triathlon
distance : 1.5km swim-40km bike-10km run
participant : mr abe ait, mr abe yan, dush
and rest of ombak geng
preparation : 5/10
5 for :
1.botak head...yea yeahhhh...
2.cycling session with all sifu
3.farhana haznie ade...:)
4.vaseline kasi lebey...
5.supplement and endurance drink still mencukupi

another 5
1.kene submit paper nextweek....adehhh
2.recover...recover...recover....cepat la recover....
3.peha n betis still sakit....
.training lari main2... berenang ikut dan...

...budak-budak bermain pakau...
...pakau dmain dsebelah petang...
...route kali ni berbukit bukau...
...haishhh cik toman janganlah kau datang...

***all the best to kenyir triathlon participant***
***have a safe and enjoyable trip***
***see ya at finishing line***
:) tBc


busy = sibuk
sibuk = no time for blogging
preparation = busy
preparation - 1st mission success = alhamdulillah
busy = 1st mission success + alhamdulillah
...alhamdulillah 1st mission was success...
...congratulations to all finisher...
...see ya next year...
post IM = pending work waiting
pending work waiting = busy
understand the theory?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

first mission of the year

date : 27 February 2010
venue : Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia
discipline : Ironman Triathlon
distance : 3.8km swim-180km bike-42km run
cut off time : 17 hours
participant : mr abe ait, mr abe yan, dush
preparation : 6/10
6 for :
1.botak head...hehe sudah lame x botak
2.done 30km twice...huhuhu
3.weapon baru...hehe
4.vaseline lebey...
5.done 180km ride once...wohooooo! :)
6.supplement and endurance drink cukup

another 4
1.b.e.r.d.e.b.a.r....b.e.r.d.e.b.a.r....1st time maa
2.recover...recover...recover....cepat la recover....
3.still got fever damn....
4.3 ulser menginap kat celah2 anak tekak...1 besar 2 kecik...haishhhhh

...Orang asli suke makan belalang...
...Makan belalang bersama Mawi...
...Misi kali ini 'Misi mencari Helang'...
...Misi bertempat di Pulau Langkawi...


...All the best to Ironman Langkawi 2010 participant...
...and not to forget mr sifu, mr abe yan, mr abe ait...
...see ya at finishing line below 17hours...
:) tBc