Saturday, February 28, 2009

hot from oven!


finally, the fellow ironman cross the finishing line with pride...Salute to them
a big applause to mr abg yan power for his new PR
You have prove to the world that all your sacrifice for training is worth it...
mission accomplished...
we are proud of you bro...
swim 3.8 km = 01:37:46s
bike 180 km = 05:37:40s
run 42 km = 05:37:15s

total time = 13:10:19s
;) tBc

Friday, February 27, 2009

kenape susah nak tido nih???

yoshhhh....a few hours left b4 the ironman langkawi 2009 will be flag off...the toughest show in Malaysia is schedule to be start at 0730, 28 February 2009...Im wondering what are the fellow ironman are doing right now...hehe...maybe they already in bed, some of them will probably still chatting with thier friends while enjoying the carbo be honest i have already on my bed,streching my legs, waiting to zzzz while dream of to be an ironman as well....hehe...

To fellow ironman 2009 and the closeness ironman to me in my family was mr abg yan power...You guys are deserve all the proud and respect...tomorrow will be the day that you guys need to show the whole world that YOU ARE AN IRONMAN...No matter if you guys step on the finishing line at 17th hour, you are already prove that all your sacrifice in training is worth it...participating in ironman is not required a month of fact it took a lot of time...Just imagine, how the ironman will swim 3.8 km, then cycling for 180 km and end up the show with marathon within 17 hour...this will take a whole day of race...a lot of thing will probably happen during the race... So enjoy your sweet time in the race tomorrow...all the best for you guys...last but not least, let the race begin!!!as for me, i will have Larian puncak perdana tomorrow and UPM run on sunday... ;) tBc

p/s : check out ironman 169, good luck for new PR!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

jom shopping!

Discount Duration : Wed, 25 Feb 2009 - Sun, 1 Mar 2009, 10am till 7pm.
Company : RSH Sports
Location : Lot 691, Kompleks Hamodal 5, Off Lagoon Selatan, Off Jalan Kewajipan, Subang Jaya (next to Sports Planet)
Promotion : RSH Sports Warehouse Sale At Subang Jaya is back with discounts up to 70%
Brands Offered :
  • Reebok
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  • Body Sculpture
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  • Le Coq Sportif
  • Dunlop Sport
  • Rider
  • Sunday, February 22, 2009

    the day will come...


    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    another medal of the year...more coming up

    WHEN 22 FEB 2009
    TIMING : 50'38"
    PLACING : 68

    Comment :
    1. my speed decreased...
    2. kat bukit lansung xle bla...
    3. cik lutot?merajuk ckit kot...
    4. uitm runner club members mmg best!!
    5. thanks to PM TEY for our picture...
    6. jgn malas training...see ya next event...
    ;) tBc

    p/s : gambar korang bnyk lagi...tapi internet de prob la...

    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    KL CITY RUN 2009

    date : 22 February 2009
    venue : Dataran Merdeka, KL
    discipline : running
    distance : 10 km
    tBc : 1 participant

    pak pandir mengidam pergi China,
    pergi ke China bersama Murali,
    to all my fellow runner,
    meh le join skali...

    ;) tBc

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    hutan belantare sanggup ku redah...huhu

, Sunday 15th second running event in this month...this 'milo cross country run' was held in tapak A, Lake Garden...the interesting part is this event would be the second time our running club involve in the running competition...45 of club members took part in this race....a lot of runners this time compared to previous mizuno run last year...hehe syiok!!

    We headed to the location early at 6 am...there was 1 bus and 1 van that took us to pak cik driver for helping us..."trime kasih bang,next week ade race lagi...tolong hantarkan lagi ble?hehe"....anyway we arrived at the location at 6.30 a.m..the race started at 7.30 open category was the first to flag off this edan told me on the previous club meeting that all top2 runner xbrape suke event cross country as the route will involve trail run...hehe rupenyer2 event ni ble dikatekan besar jgk as ramai gile top2 runner yg participate...kenyan pon ader...waaa aku tettipu tertipah oleh mr edan...hehehe....

    The race started a bit 7.45 am the race was usuall for sprint2 awal worried of incik lutot kesayangan wt hal...hehehe....We need to run around the lake garden before entering the main road...suddenly...jenggg jengg jengggg.....suddenly there was 1st killing hill of the day...seriously short but suffered most of the runner include me!haishhh latihan bukitku masih lagi x mencukupi....wawawa.... :(

    After that, we approached to second dugaan of the day...running on stair...uishhh silap2 incik lutot ble meragam i decrease my pace...hehe slow2 suda la...Then the 3rd dugaan...kene panjat bukit tepi longkang yg rumput die da lecak2....aduihhh kasut baru aku....abisss kotor....hampeh tol....hiahhhhh...hiahhhhh...fuhhh sampai pon atas....we enter the road after climb bukit longkang.....wahhh bestnyer ble lari atas jalan mr abg yan, mr abg cha n mr abg mat nor at the 1st water station...hello bro!!mr abg yan was giving me a cup of water...thanx bro!!...hehhe

    Then i reached at 2km mark to go....thought of near to finishing line so i increase my speed...shitt we need to do a trail run b4 finishing line...seriously the route was like really trill as the space become less and lesser for the runner to run through the jungle...i was like skit lagi mau jatuh gaung as mr iwata pro overtook me...hehehe..power gile mr iwata nih...dlm hutan pon die selamber laju gak...hehehe...i was drafting mr iwata untill reached at the jambatan lame yg scary as mcm nk runtuh jer...++ we were nearly lost in the jungle but mr iwata manage to find a way to enter the road back...hehehe syoknyer lari kt atas jalan raya!!...

    Hiahhhh...hianhhh...fuhhh..fuhhhhh.....i manage to finished the race at 45:33s...hehe abis my shoe and my hand was covered with mud ...eheheh....da mcm baru balik dari sawah...Then i went to the toilet to clean all those dirty asss mud that covered my entire leg and my shoe before meet mr edan at the finishing line waiting for the come back of our club runner....Congratz to all uitm running club member who complete this race!!although we lack of training as trail run, yet we manage to complete the race....semangat tu...i hope that next race which KL city run our club will come with this kind of number of participants....tepuk tangan kt diri sendiri...hehehe...finally i would like to thank all running club members who involved in this event...remember our club is already well known tau...thanks a lot to PM TEY for taking a lot of our all runners, dont ever give up!!!keep on training and lets make it often!!!koranggg memanggg best!!...see you all in next race!! ;) tBc

    p/s : gambar korang bnyk lagi kt album belah kanan tu...cari ler sendiri k...
    gambar sape yg xder sori event ingt tau kene senyum kt finishing line...
    konfirm PM TEY snap gambar korang...hehehe....gambar2 ni la nk tunjuk kt cucu2 esok...