Monday, July 25, 2016

Academician vs Sportsmen


I had been super busy lately due to two subjects that need to cover for this semester. But, fortunately managed to stick on the training regime even though it is still in easy & comfort zone. Can't imagine how & when the tough training session will affect my academician work. Hopefully it is well managed.

Less than 3 weeks from now, another event is coming & less than a month, PD Tri is going to happen. Signed for SD this year, but am foresee that maybe I have to DNS because of the work commitment hmmmmmm. There goes my goggle. Work you win this time!

Hopefully before going back for EidulAdha break, the next coming event in my neighborhood is going to be an A race! Gotta stick & upgrade the training regime urghhhh.

Ok bye!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Happy Eidulfitri to all ;)

Hello there..

I'm taking this opportunity to wish Happy Eidulfitri to all Muslim brothers in the world and everyone celebrating the holiday. (Guess that it still not to late) #eidulfitriisonemonth lol

So far training in Ramadhan month had been benefit my system. But, the cycling leg are not there yet because of one month away from the road. So it's time to hit the road more and more.

As for R training, am managed to break the 5m barrier only for 1k hahaha. Never mind the road are still long to go. ;)

The coming event is in one month time. Hopefully the system are ready to race. Or at least not too suffer while racing hahahaha.

All right got to go..
See ya soon chow!